The problem was that the database technology simply couldn't handle multiple, continuous streams of data. It couldn't handle the volume of data. It couldn't modify the incoming data in real-time. And reporting tools were lacking that couldn't handle anything but a relational query on the back-end. Big Data solutions offer cloud hosting, highly indexed and optimized data structures, automatic archival and extraction capabilities, and reporting interfaces have been designed to provide more accurate analyses that enable businesses to make better decisions.

Better business decisions means that companies can reduce the risk of their decisions, and make better decisions that reduce costs and increase marketing and sales effectiveness.

Inysol 's big data consulting and implementation services start with understanding your needs and assessing your technology infrastructure before devising a strategy for implementation.

  • Readiness assessment to lay out your business objectives and technical requirements, including optimal architectures, enrichment necessities, and technology options
  • Consulting for Hadoop and search applications
  • Data enrichment and transformation processes for structured and unstructured content
  • Managed services for search and big data analytics applications to ensure security, agility, and performance


    Using data to generate business value is already a reality in many industries. With the advent of the "Internet of things," improved analytics and increased connectivity through new technology and software bring significant opportunities for companies. For example, at Siemens, this is transforming the way maintenance services are delivered, from reactive approaches to predictive and preventive maintenance.

    But we do see companies facing challenges in leveraging the value that data have to offer.

    Let's see some Challenges

    Leveraging data means working with a strong and innovative technology partner that can help create the right IT architecture that can adapt to changes in the landscape in an efficient manner.

    Our Offerings

    The exponential growth in data is increasing day to day. Driven by increase of devices, emerging channels of data creation and consumption in the volume, velocity and variety of data.

    Organizations need to analyze rapidly changing data.

    The amount of data that's being created and stored on a global level is almost inconceivable, and it just keeps growing

    We at Inysol would like to reveal how you can handle Big Data and convert it to 'smart vision.

    Our Big data team thinks SMART

    S-Start with strategy

    M- Measure metrics and data

    A-Apply Analytics

    R-Report Results

    T- Transform your Business

    And provide the best solutions for client's data.

    Our Analytics and Modelling solutions cover 6 areas of expertise

  • Using analytical based modelling to inform and optimize workload planning and allocation, resource scheduling, pay and reward strategy, staff retention, workforce evolution and succession planning
  • Evaluating the operational impact of changes to processes or operating model design on employee workload and performance
  • Intelligent analysis of operational data to understand and monitor customer behavior
  • Segmentation of the customer base to identify valuable customers, customers likely to churn and poor credit risks and fraud
  • Using insight gained from analytics to develop customer retention/acquisition strategy, pricing strategy and improve debt management
  • Understanding the relationship between level of risk exposure, the impact on profitability, service to customers, staff and infrastructure

    Developing models to evaluate and inform mitigation strategies for operational asset and investment risk

  • Performance Management and Analytics (in collaboration with our Finance Transformation practice)
  • Using data visualization and analytics techniques to analyze the drivers of Enterprise value providing greater insight into profitability and efficiency
  • Using intelligent benchmarking to make realistic performance comparisons
  • Evaluating impact of business strategy /service delivery options on future business performance to provide a robust change
  • Analyzing the drivers and underlying trends in demand for products and services
  • Building predictive models that enable organization to effectively manage their supply chain, workforce and finances
  • Using analytics to optimize supply chain strategy - warehouse design, logistics, merchandising replenishment, demand planning
  • Advising on how new sources of data and insight can be used to drive improved performance

    Using "war game simulations" to inform and train organizations of the impact of the digital revolution

    Expertise in Different BIG DATA Tools

    It's an open-source software framework for distributed storage of very large datasets on computer clusters. All that means you can scale your data up and down without having to worry about hardware failures

    Cloudera is essentially a brand name for Hadoop with some extra services stuck on. They can help your business build an enterprise data hub, to allow people in your organization better access to the data you are storing

    MongoDB is the modern, start-up approach to databases. Think of them as an alternative to relational databases. It's good for managing data that changes frequently or data that is unstructured or semi-structured

    Talend is another great open source company that offers a number of data products, focusing on their Master Data Management (MDM) offering, which combines real-time data, applications, and process integration with embedded data quality and stewardship.