Cloud is no longer evaluated in isolation, but is an integral part of any IT strategy. With enterprises moving towards delivering 'IT as a service,' cloud has become essential in realizing business value. With cloud coming in many shapes and sizes including private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud, choosing the right technology and the right partner to design and implement a sound cloud-strategy is imperative.

Inysol's cloud Services helps clients implement strategies for innovative, enterprise-wide digital transformation.

  • Focus on cloud led industry-wide application transformation
  • Best-of-breed tools, & frameworks for large enterprise cloud programs
  • Solution accelerators spanning all stages of life cycle - Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing
  • World-class cloud solutions involving hybrid architectures
  • Strategic alliances and offerings with industry leading cloud service providers like AWS, SFDC, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, Cisco, and NetSuite
  • Our Technology Expertise Umbrella Includes

    Inysol's Cloud Services provide end - to - end cloud computing solutions for:
  • Software-as-a-Service where a specific application or service is offered to a customer as a subscription.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) allows businesses a platform on which they can create and deploy custom apps, databases and line-of-business services integrated into one platform.
  • With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), businesses can purchase infrastructure from providers as virtual resources. Components include servers, memory, firewalls and more.

    When you update your Facebook status, you're using cloud computing. Checking your bank balance on your phone, you are using cloud again. Whether you are sending emails while on the move or using a bunch of apps to help you manage your workload, It is cloud.

    In short, cloud is fast becoming the new normal. By the end of 2015 90% of UK businesses were using at least one cloud service.

    With growing popularity, it has few Challenges as Well:

    Cloud-based servers do not always have the most effective or appropriate customer service support systems. Selecting where and how your data is stored is an important element within the decision making process. Integration is a problem for many organizations. Ensuring that all of the applications are able to seamlessly integrate with one another is also a common challenge.

    Our Offerings

    Inysol's Cloud services

    As businesses grapple with increasing competition, slim profits and complex service delivery models, Inysol's Cloud Application Services provides you with an end-to-end road map to benefit through transformation initiatives around cloud leverage. We work with you to build, execute and manage your services using cloud optimized service delivery architectures.

    Our Solution

  • Cloud Mpower: Business & IT Portfolio analysis leading to risk-calibrated recommendations on cloud leverage leading to cost and business agility
  • Cloud Security, Governance, Risk Management & Compliance: Granular recommendations on cloud architecture & workload management in light of customers; regulatory, cost and technology constraints
  • Application & Platform Architecture: Optimal cost-sensitive design with high availability features
  • Cloud Service Brokerage: Aggregation, integration, and customization of cloud deployment components
  • Migration Services: Semi-automated tool-led application migrations for quicker implementation
  • Hybrid Cloud Services: Bringing together legacy on premise assets with public & private cloud workloads
  • Unified Cloud Management & Monitoring: Framework to seamlessly manage workloads running on hybrid environments, typically in complex service deployment models with a mix of on premise and private/public assets)
  • Dev-Ops Services: Accelerated software development integrated with operations, using agile technologies on a cloud based architecture, to deliver more effective development artifacts faster