Inysol helps you confidently manage and improve the performance of your business critical applications. We leverage HP's market leading tool, Load runner to emulate real-life load, identify and resolve any performance issues in your application before you go live.


  • Significant reduction in scripting time and effort
  • Single tool to test a wide range of applications - including mobile, Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java etc.
  • Mobile testing - ability to test both native mobile apps and browser based applications
  • Load testing for the cloud - ability to simulate loads from multiple geographies to test scalability
  • Robust integration with existing development environment
  • Get an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance.


    Today's World Wide Web (WWW) application built in advance platforms and technologies such as HTML 5, Web 2.0, CMS, and Cloud etc. It is crucial and challenging to ensure application speed, stability and scalability.

    These are the challenges we face during performance testing:

    It is mandatory that every project should follow process for better result and continuous improvement (beckon Kaizen rule). Any incorrect or non-standard implementation of process or no process implementation in performance testing produces bad results.

    Our Offerings

    Inysol 's Load Runner Accelerator

    The modern application environment includes a complex array of micro services, APIs across mobile and on premises. To ensure the best user experience you need application monitoring that is Easy, Proactive, Intelligent and Collaborative.

    Inysol 's Application Performance team of LoadRunner specialists can help, with an innovative ability to speed and simplify the triage of performance problems so you can find problems fast - even before they impact an end user!

    Inysol Application Performance recommendations can reduce the frequency and duration of outages by helping you find problems more quickly.

    Implementation planning involves assessment of the testing and application environment. Based on the application(s) to be tested, the team develops a project plan for setup and configuration, user training and implementation of LoadRunner scripts for the engagement. Consideration is given to access requirements, configuration and settings of the controller and related monitors, locations of assets and integration to Quality Center. Specific use cases are identified for custom training and mentoring purposes.

    Setup involves installation or migration of LoadRunner and components for the target environment. Based on the assessment of the application(s) to be tested, our consultant will assist in the configuration and verification of server monitors, add-ins and diagnostics.

    Onsite training covers the essential concepts and techniques for using LoadRunner to identify and fix performance bottlenecks. Based on the planning sessions, course agendas are adjusted to look at examples from the customer`s application for training and mentoring purposes.

    During mentoring a sample use case and testing scenario are constructed against the target application using all of the techniques taught in training, with special attention to application-specific scripting requirements. The group will plan and execute a load test and examine run-time operation of LoadRunner, followed by analysis and report configuration.

    For clients that must meet project deadlines, where more emphasis is placed on meeting a testing deadline, our consultant will lead the construction of load test scripts and scenario execution. Users will have an opportunity to review the results of scripting to understand their construction and design.

    For clients who want more emphasis on user-driven scripting, or without an imminent deadline, our consultant will provide advice and guidance during the scripting process and test execution while letting users drive the development process.

    A hand-off session will review the results of the implementation accelerator project, the progress made with LoadRunner and action items for deployment. The team will review the scripts created, scenario results and analysis, and discuss any remaining technique- or script-related topics.