Digital technologies are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate and store or process data. These includes social media, online games and applications, multimedia, productivity applications, cloud computing, interoperable systems and mobile devices.

Digital technologies - mobile, social, software, sensors, and processing power - are transforming the way we live in previously unimaginable ways. "Software is eating the world," disrupting and changing nearly every business and societal practice. Until recently, however much of the focus in the clean economy world has been on hardware - like solar panels and wind turbines whose development and distribution is indeed incredibly important. But can software also save the world? As the digital and clean economy ecosystems have matured they have begun to interact in increasingly powerful ways, giving rise to a growing "Clean web" sector



The quest of picking up on new possibilities, carrying them through to successful completion and managing them profitably throughout their lifecycles is getting more and more difficult.

Reasons for that can be found across various elements of the companies' ecosystems

Rising competition has put serious pressure, on innovation speed, on lifecycle costs as well as on the degree of innovativeness that is expected to cope up with being digitalized. It is not enough anymore just to modify or enhance existing products to differentiate form the competitors. Drastic changes for each new product generation are necessary to stay ahead in the race for competitive advantage.

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  • Digital strategy
  • Omni channel commerce strategy
  • End-to-end mobile strategy
  • Digital content strategy
  • Concepts & prototypes
  • Web

  • e-commerce
  • Online banking
  • Enterprise portals
  • Web marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Privacy Helpdesk
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • End User Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Social apps
  • Enterprise social collaboration
  • Social analytics
  • Consumer mobile & commerce
  • Mobile banking
  • Enterprise mobile
  • B2B mobile
  • Public sector mobile
  • Mobile readiness
  • Online Analytics
  • Online Advertising control
  • Media Measurement & advertising monitoring
  • Online Transaction Monitoring
  • Real-time Decision making
  • Behavior & Sentiment Analytics