Test Complete offers automated testing tools that let you create, manage and run tests for any Desktop, Web or Mobile Client software.

TestComplete Platform acts as a backbone for TestComplete Desktop, Web and Mobile. TestComplete Platform helps you to find the right balance between the speed of application delivery and quality at an affordable cost. TestComplete Platform's integration with other tools ensures quick turnaround is available while releasing software in frequent and shorter release cycles. TestComplete Platform includes support for

  • Test recording
  • Automated test execution
  • Object name mapping
  • Data-driven testing with data generation wizards
  • Object-driven testing
  • Keyword-driven testing
  • Test Visualizer
  • Developing custom extensions
  • Database testing support
  • Integration with other tools
  • Modules

    TestComplete Desktop Module

    TestComplete Desktop has everything you need in an automated testing tools. Powered by TestComplete Platform, TestComplete Desktop provides support for testing variety of desktop applications created using various languages.

    Aside from powerful and robust testing features provided by TestComplete Platform, TestComplete Desktop comes with many functional testing capabilities and automated testing tools. With TestComplete Desktop you can create robust and repeatable automated tests. Tests can be recorded from scratch, extended with checkpoints and dozens of built-in library functions, or even made into data-driven tests

    TestComplete Web Module

    TestComplete Web helps you create automated GUI and functional tests for websites, web apps, and mobile web applications. TestComplete Web gives you the power to create robust web tests within short amount of time. For instance, using TestComplete Web, you can not only recognize individual elements on web pages but even access internal methods and properties of a page.

    TestComplete Mobile Module

    TestComplete Mobile automates the testing of your native, web, and hybrid mobile applications. Test on multiple devices without changing your tests, leveraging full access to application internal objects and methods.


  • 100 percent test coverage
  • To cope up with new/modified requirements
  • Re-use of existing test scripts/packs
  • Prepare and maintain test environments
  • Think from all user perspective
  • Complete test execution before deadline
  • Missed defects and less time for application delivery
  • Our Offerings

    Inysol s TestComplete Expertise helps client easily manage, run and analyze automated GUI and functional tests across multiple devices, platforms and environments - enabling you to improve software quality and increase speed of delivery.

  • Easy-to-Use for All Experience Levels in different navigation and mobile Testing- Use the powerful, object-based record and playback feature or run your own scripted tests
  • Mobile Testing- Test hybrid and native iOS and Android apps on multiple devices with full access to internal objects and methods.
  • Cross-Browser Testing With Selenium WebDriver -Add, run and report your Selenium WebDriver scripts within TestComplete
  • SoapUI Integration- Design and run tests at the GUI and API levels using TestComplete's seamless integration with SoapUI.