Data streaming in from billions of sources can provide predictive insights into customers, business risks and operational efficiencies. But how can you cost-effectively analyze data from information silos and securely share analytics across your enterprise?

Inysols Big Data as a Service is helping businesses store, analyze, and protect their data; transforming their opportunity to understand customer behavior, optimize operations, manage risk, and enable innovation

Our Technology Expertise Umbrella Includes


It is estimated that every day from all around the world including environment, banks, social media websites, images and videos over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created. And 90% of this data is created in the last 2 years alone.

Definitely give rise to the Challenge

As more data sets, diverse sources are incorporated into an analytical platform the potential for time lags to impact data currency and consistency becomes our challenge.

Our Offerings

Inysol's Big data Platform as a Service

Inysol provides advanced Big Data and Analytics solutions, to rapidly provide insights on operations, customers and products. We support predictive analytics, real-time dashboards, master data management and more.

  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Technology Strategy Definition
  • Big Data Technology Use case Identification
  • Big Data Infrastructure Set-up and Management
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics Strategy Definition
  • Big Data Business Use-case Identification
  • Big Data Analytics Models / Framework- Development and Enhancement