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The basic design of healthcare management system on a web application is that the application sits on a web server, and all users will access it via web browser over the internet/HTTP.

This is more user convenient as people from worldwide can fix their appointment for consultant to their favourite doctors.

Rescheduling/Cancelling of appointment is also available as in case of any urgency.

Consultant for patients as well as discussion between doctors is done through online by means of text, audio and video chatting.

Separate Dash Board and reports are also available for users.

Hospital Management Software India

They can also post Articles which can be useful for researchers and doctors to get clarifications (Forums/Blogs).

Since data maintenance is done by single server, we can make the report maintenance easier and it provides high security.

Pharmacy and laboratory details of each and every hospital are also maintained by the corresponding admin of the hospital.

Doctors can view Drug lists of different manufacturing companies, Each Drug profile consists of its basic composition, Intake details, its usage and complete details. So, that they can ensure their quality services.

Single admin can maintain the entire ERP flow of that particular hospital.

Super Admin can create multiple admins into their hospital. Roles will be defined by the super admin for all the users under the hospital.

Such as (admins, doctors, nurse, pharmacist, receptionist etc..)

Note: Super admin will be the owner who owns the specific HMS and the logins will be created at the time of hospital registration into this system.

The scope of this document involves in proposing architecture.

All departments collaborate to provide the best care for patients, to improve outcomes and achieve our mission, vision and goals.

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