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BookorRent adaptability to the business verticals

Utilize this BookorRent software and influence business verticals. Through our the digital world.


  • Courses booking
  • Events booking
  • Travel booking
  • Accomodation booking
  • Food and beverages booking
  • Advertising booking

    • Vehicles and automobiles rentals
    • Tools and equipments rentals
    • Party and events rentals
    • Electronics rentals
    • Leisure rentals
    • Luxury rentals
    • Homes rentals
    • Vacation rentals

    Needs of booking and rental script

    The sharing economy is emerging in order to meet the scarcity problem arising across the world. This trend enhances the sharing, saving and effective use of resources. Instant response to the current business trend is the reason for establishing of booking and rental script.

    Success of booking and rental trends

    70% of people opt for sharing economy, 63% of people are availing products for rent. Approximately 70% of online users are looking forward to borrow rarely used items through this online medium. These demands have created a business case and that leads entrepreneurs to start up their business enterprise with this concept. This ensures the excellent scope in getting success in this booking and rental industry.

    Why we developed BookorRental script?

    As there is a demand for an instant solution for meeting the ultimate goal of a sharing economy. Agriya took a solid leap in creating a smart & affordable solution, to help entrepreneurs lay down an immediate online platform for any kinds of booking or rental purpose.

    Features beyond its original

    The main value-added piece in our script is its business concept. Our script incorporates both a booking and rental concept into a single script. The next valuable aspect is its features and facilities. Each and every feature crafted in this script facilitates the effective functionality of the booking and rental business. This is simply a platform where you can find such a feature-rich booking and rental software.

    Used technologies and server requirements

    In this effective BookorRent script, we used the combination of following technologies.










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