Recruitment & System Management

The recruitment and selection management software covers the entire life cycle including the following:

  • Vacancy and Assessment
  • Questionnaires
  • Job Posting
  • Applicants
  • Interviews
  • Awaiting Results
  • Results Process
  • Manage Offers
  • Our recruitment and selection management software is a one stop platform to perform all activities related to recruitment and selection of an employee.

    Technology Expertise

    • Our recruitment and selection software provides best solution for smart hiring.
    • Our product automates and streamlines your recruiting process with pre-populated job descriptions, automatic postings to external job boards, social media integration, criteria based candidate ranking, workflows and collaborative hiring processes.
    • Our application is highly secured web based application and is built on cloud environment and this is built with various technologies for high usability and reliability.
    • It is built using PHP at front end and MySQL at backend and various technologies like JAVA, CSS.
    • These products help you in providing
      • Configurable Workflow (Workflow actions can be configured based on unique business needs)
      • Document Upload (Upload and store documents in any format)
      • Internal & External Job Postings (Schedule interviews and notify candidates via email directly in the system)
      • Interview Scheduling (Schedule interviews and notify candidates via email directly in the system)
      • Job & Applicant Status (Easily review the latest developments pertaining to a vacancy or applicant in real time)
      • Job Offers (Create job offers and automatically notify successful candidates)
      • Job Openings (Approved job requisitions are automatically become active job openings posted internally and/or externally)
      • Job Requisitions (Job requisitions can be created and managed with their associated job description and requirements)
      • Notes (Add journal entries to any candidate profile or assessment)
      • Reference Checks (Record and store reference checks and contact information)
      • Rejection Emails (Automatically send rejection emails when a job opening is closed)
      • Reporting (Create detailed reports on all areas of the recruiting process including external listings, job openings, job opportunities and job applications)
      • Searchable Talent Pool (Customized applicant pools can be created to simplify searching for desired applicants)
      • Social Media Integration (Apply for jobs using details automatically uploaded from your LinkedIn profile)

    Client Challenges

    • Managing the recruitment and selection process in an automated way
    • Offering a seamless process with bare minimal human interference
    • Generating reports of the application and final results of the interviews
    • Shortlisting of candidates quickly and effectively

    Inysol Benefits

    • Efficiently manage the entire recruitment and selection lifecycle
    • Automat the entire process from vacancy & assessment to results process
    • Bare minimal HR employees' interference as the entire process is automated
    • One single platform that meets the complete requirements of recruitment and selection
    • Reduce admin overheads and costs
    • Gain better HR intelligence to take informed decisions
    • Improve the experience for everyone
    • Open to all the members involved in the hiring process with limited access over write actions based on the hierarchy
    • Transparency in hiring life cycle

    Business Value

    • Increased organizational capabilities, higher work efficiency
    • With the unified and consolidated approach of recruitment & selection process work becomes seamless
    • Generate quick reports of the entire process to take informed decisions faster
    • You can focus more on your business objectives and growth as supervision of the recruitment and selection process is fully automated and operationalized


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